LPIC 1 – On its way

This past week, I reached about half of the preparation book. I’m on chapter 5 and all my tests range 75 to 90%. However, I’m feeling lost some times as it seems to me too much information and too many details to remember for the final exam. Additionally, I’m afraid that I really get it in theory but not exactly in practical terms. Therefore, I’m also making my own tests and experiments to complement my study. For instance, this week, I created a basic but still useful bash script, to parse a file and generate a new one (based on the previous) with added contents, namely generated passwords and some strings shown differently. More and more, I feel that getting more skills in systems administration will make me a better developer, complimenting my programming skills, and making me a better software architect as well.
We’ll see..



  1. Hi Zenida,

    Could you complement the post with the resources you are using to achieve the certification?
    You refer the “preparation book” but knowing which one would be great.

    Good luck for the exam
    Nuno Padriano

      1. Hi Zenida,

        I prefer to take some other certifications first but I used this topic to ask for training in LPIC essentials in my company 😉

        Nuno Padriano

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