Listing MySQL indexes from information_schema

Today I needed to find out to what table a given index was specified on an existing database to which I was not very familiarized with. To do so, we may use the information_schema to list what we need (the following statement was adapted from this link).

SELECT table_name AS `Table`, 
       index_name AS `Index`, 
       GROUP_CONCAT(column_name ORDER BY seq_in_index) AS `Columns` 
FROM   information_schema.statistics 
       table_schema = '<database_schema>' and 
       index_name = '<index_name>' 

MySQL 5 Developer Certified Professional – Last part

The second and last exam of the certification (see the of the first part of this certification here) has been taken and I managed to succeed! Now, it is time for me to take a break of taking certifications but with a feeling of mission accomplished… 🙂