Technical Recipes

Recipe structure

This section contains a miscellaneous set of technical recipes. Each recipe is constituted by the following sections:

  • Goal – where the name of the recipe and its goal is presented in a short form

  • Description – a detailed description of the goals regarding the recipe and its purpose

  • How to – practice examples or demonstration of how to achieve the goal or goals of the recipe

  • Explanations – any useful explanations and best practices detailed regarding the recipe

In 2019

  1. Fixing serverless socket hang up problem
  2. Is a port being used in *nix systems?
  3. Connect to MySQL through SSH tunnel in IntelliJ
  4. Dynamic Unmarshalling in Golang
  5. Fix MySQL tables missing after Docker update
  6. AWS Lambda in Go with generic payload
  7. Squash commits in your branch

In 2018

  1. Define the maximum allowed size for uploads with Servlets
  2. Conditional configurations with Spring
  3. Configuring Logger for net.spy.memcached
  4. Include Hibernate Validation annotations in Swagger generation
  5. Jackson deserialization of interfaces
  6. System properties for a Java Lambda function
  7. Get Bean programmatically in Spring
  8. Oracle case insensitive queries
  9. Making Go dep authenticate via SSH to a Git repo
  10. Dumping specific tables in MySQL
  11. Configure the max size of uploads in JSF (Servlet) apps
  12. Logging in JAX-RS endpoints
  13. Re-throwing exceptions in AOP
  14. Extending logstash-logback-encoder
  15. Go dep + GitLab subgroups

In 2017

  1. Liferay with MySQL@Docker
  2. WebService Client Generation Error with JDK8
  3. Email service configuration in Wildfly
  4. Fixing @JsonTypeInfo with Response and generics erasure issues
  5. Installing MySQL JDBC driver into Wildfly
  6. MySQL 5.7 root login without sudo
  7. Build maven specific module only and dependencies
  8. Hide/expose HTTP headers in Wildfly 10.1+
  9. Encoding issues while uploading files with Primefaces
  10. Configurable Date format in JAX-RS as @QueryParam
  11. WS endpoint dynamically through SOAP handlers
  12. Logging JAX-WS messages
  13. Logging Axis 1 messages
  14. Perform case and accent insensitive queries in Oracle
  15. Find out where Java is installed with installed Java

In 2016

  1. Primefaces custom data scroller component
  2. Liferay theme with embedded content
  3. New maven archetype from project
  4. Generating Liquibase migrate file in offline mode
  5. Spring REST endpoint to impersonate
  6. Force a new instance of a bean in @ViewAccessScope
  7. Currently executing method in Java
  8. Primeface inputNumber component’s styleClass on the input element
  9. Setting MySQL root password to nothing
  10. Install Mongo 3.0 DB on Linux Mint 17
  11. Show a JSF global error message on validation failure
  12. JSF – using webjars resources with images and/or icons
  13. Liferay’s unauthenticated remote service
  14. Disable JS/CSS minification on Liferay
  15. Liferay custom filter with after-filter
  16. Dynamic reCAPTCHA API keys in Primefaces

In 2015

  1. Debug maven execution
  2. Fixing sun.jvm.hotspot.debugger.DebuggerException: Can’t attach to the process
  3. JSF page: focus on error input when on error only
  4. Validation on a JSF readonly input
  5. Importing multiple WSDL files with Maven
  6. Abort Primefaces autoComplete after search
  7. Reset page number on Primefaces “paginatable” component
  8. Temporarily logging MySQL queries
  9. Liferay portlet preferences using JSF
  10. Fixing error “Absent Code attribute in method that is not native or abstract…”
  11. XMLGregorianCalendar instantiation in Java
  12. Avoid generation of WS client with JAXBElement
  13. Liferay commit transaction listener
  14. Helpful Eclipse template to implement equals/hashCode in Java
  15. XML Schema with different namespaces & JAXB classes generation
  16. org.w3c.dom.Node to java.lang.String
  17. Query to generate grant privileges in Oracle DB
  18. Disable JSF validator via Ajax
  19. Problem with @ViewAccessScoped using Prettyfaces and Apache Myfaces CODI

In 2014

  1. Avoid encoding problems during Ajax call in a JSF application
  2. PrimeFaces upload with PrettyFaces enabled
  3. Usage of the facelets tag ui:remove
  4. Primefaces Calendar Customization
  5. Database resource bundle in a JSF application
  6. SSH trust/passwordless login
  7. Auditing Liferay’s service builder custom entitities
  8. JSF: update single entry in a datalist like component
  9. Months within period with Joda-Time
  10. Multi-component validation in JSF
  11. Bootstrap affix on fluid design
  12. Custom Primefaces icon
  13. Primefaces SelectCheckboxMenu input focus on show
  14. Configuring Liferay shard
  15. Liferay control panel portlet with specific role permissions
  16. Liferay friendly URL using JSF
  17. Primefaces inputTextArea new lines counter problem
  18. Include Javascript conditionally in page
  19. Primefaces spinner with delay

In 2013

  1. Debugging Maven tests
  2. What shell are you using?
  3. Using join in bash
  4. Encrypt Maven Credentials
  5. Global messages in popup using Richfaces
  6. Primefaces – Skip bean validation in a datatable
  7. Status message using Richfaces
  8. Seam page list with enum param
  9. Remove ui-state-error primefaces on ajax render
  10. How to unbind Primefaces Hotkey
  11. Sum of intervals using Joda
  12. Multilanguage string using JPA 2.0
  13. Java Web filter with Ajax requests
  14. Avoiding LazyInitializationException on JSF selectManyMenu
  15. Align Richfaces 3 modal panel on the right side
  16. Arquillian + JSFUnit in CI Server
  17. Customize first day of Primefaces calendar
  18. JasperReports – Packaging fonts to avoid fonts not found
  19. JSF Validation with Parameters
  20. JSF Exception Handler for exception types
  21. Primefaces calendar with input mask
  22. Optimistic locking in Liferay

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