11th recipe of 2018

Here goes a simple recipe that explains a way to configure a JSF (Servlet) based application so that it is possible to determine the maximum upload size for files.


1st recipe of 2018

Hello guys. Welcome to the new year!!! 🙂
On the second week of 2018, here goes the first recipe. This one was in my “backlog” for a long long time (unfortunately, time goes by and I don’t ever have the time publish new knowledges at this space…) and it explains how to configure the maximum allowed file size uploads in Servlet based applications (JSF also fits in this category).

New recipe: Dynamic reCAPTCHA API keys in Primefaces

One more recipe related to JSF/Primefaces in a Liferay environment is available. This one shows us one way to turn the captcha component from Primefaces into a component that is able to read/get the private and public API keys from portal-ext.properties file (or any other external source, that is not the application descriptor as it happens with the default component).