6th recipe of 2019

The 6th recipe of the year is about AWS Lambdas written in Go, and explains what one needs to do to implement a lambda that processes any type of payload.

5th recipe of 2019

The 5th recipe of the year is now available and is about MySQL and Docker/Docker compose. It shows a way to run a MySQL container on your machine and deal with casing issues regarding the your database table names.

4th recipe of 2019

The 4th recipe of the year is now available and is about Golang and how to dynamically unmarshal a JSON payload into different structures based on some data of the payload.

3rd recipe of 2019

Because I felt inspired today and was more or less free, here goes the 3rd recipe of the year and the second one in the same day :-). This one is about how to configure IntelliJ to connect to a MySQL database through an ssh tunnel.

1st recipe of 2019

Welcome to 2019. This year, I’ll start the recipes in my blog with something not related to Java or any other programming language. This year, I’ll start with a recipe I had to create to fix a problem I had yesterday during the execution of serverless command to export the template. In case you also get a similar issue (socket hang up), then this recipe might help you.